Specialized Couples and Individual Counseling and Marriage Therapy in Seattle, WA

Online Therapy
With the current order of social distancing I believe it is my responsibility to no longer see clients in my physical office space. That being said, I have been doing online couples and individual therapy for a few years. I have found that online therapy is just as effective as in person therapy. I will still get you laughing as I would in person.

Right now we are all feeling overwhelmed, anxious, scared, lonely, frustrated and did I say overwhelmed. Our nervous system is on overdrive and that stress can and likely will cause some tension in the home. I am here to support you and help you work through conflicts as they arise in this ultra stressful environment. I am also able to support you individually as you navigate this new reality. Self regulation is important, talking to your children is important and being kind and loving to your partner is important. I am happy to walk through this with you. Please reach out if you would like to get on my schedule.

How I work
I offer talk therapy in a variety of formats with my primary focus being on relationships and couples. I offer boutique type of services, meaning you have a choice in how you want to engage in the therapy process. You can see me in my office for face to face sessions or virtually through an online portal. I also offer intensives, which are sessions held over multiple days for a few hours a day. Intensive require 30 days advance scheduling, so please let me know if that is an option you would like to get scheduled.

My role as the therapist in the room or on the screen with you is one of an advocate, helping you identify your goals and holding space for you as you move into discomfort that change often brings. I will support you through that change and help you move into the person you have longed to be. This change is especially challenging in couples work, which is why seeing a therapist who focuses on relationships and couples counseling will likely yield the result you are hoping for.

Attachment Theory
Beth Wylie is a therapist who loves relationships! We are in so many different relationship throughout our life, and at times, relationships can be dysfunctional or abusive or confusing. Research tells us that the earliest relationships we formed have the most significant impact on how we get through and handle life transitions. It also can determine how we will show up in future relationships with others. I see my couples through an attachment lens, which means I am paying attention and asking questions regarding what type of home and family you were raised in. I will help you figure out what type of attachment you had with your parents or primary caregivers and then use this information to help you see your childhood and current self from that lens. As a result you can begin to use that information to recognize unhealthy decision making in both your own life and in your relationships. This attachment information in used in both the work with individual clients and clients I see as a couple.

How do I make an appointment?
If you feel like I could be a good fit for you then schedule a phone consult with me. I offer free 15 minute phone consults every Monday morning, or by appointment. The call will help to determine if we are a good fit. Please request a phone session by clicking here and finding a time that works for you. Those sessions are indicated as phone sessions. As a potential new client you are not able to schedule a full session through the online booking system. ***I am allowing new clients to schedule full sessions right now ***