Specialized Couples and Individual Counseling and Marriage Therapy in Seattle, WA

Pacific Northwest Family Therapy is a group practice in Seattle, WA. We are a collective group of therapist who provide couples counseling, individual therapy and Sex therapy. Serving South Lake Union and Laurelhurst in Seattle, WA, giving two very convenient options to choose from.

Is your Relationship stuck in a negative communication cycle?

Does it seem like there is more conflict than ever lately? A part of you knows that you are with a good person… but another part of you is just so pissed off.. how can they keep doing this? Is this ever going to get better? This is starting to impact every area of your life… some days you can barely concentrate on work. Creating a healthy, long-term relationship where you deeply love your partner doesn’t happen by accident, it takes intentional efforts from both members of the couple. Relationships are like working out, you do not turn into a body builder after your first workout and you are not going to have all your relationship problems solved by the end of your first couples counseling session. It takes practice, as well as, consistent effort and energy so that today you will be better then yesterday and tomorrow you will be better then today.

Couple’s Counseling isn’t about judging or dissecting your relationship- it is about each of you learning how to love the other person better so you can both be happier in your day-to-day life and get through the tough stuff along side each other- instead of fighting against each other. Many couples have trouble with communication and conflict management. You will be given tools to avoid letting these issues go on and on. We will help you learn to process and communicate about conflict. Our clinicians provide couples counseling in South Lake Union and Laurelhurst, Seattle, WA.

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Do you need couples counseling or individual therapy?

Short answer, it depends. You might first need to work on yourself before you can begin to work on your relationship. Some things to consider would be; If you keep finding yourself in the same situation, making poor relationship choices. Maybe you have had multiple affairs or finding yourself continuously betrayed. In these times couples counseling may need to come second. When doing individual therapy we take a look at your childhood and family history. This will help you start to understand why certain feelings you have make you react the way you do. At times you may react in anger or hurt, other times it comes out in how you manage conflict and intimacy. Our therapist at PNW family Therapy place a huge focus on attachment theory and family systems in our work with both couples and individuals. Navigating the emotional world by speaking from an emotional and vulnerable place, allows you to speak about feelings and needs vs reacting from them. We teach you the how and the why behind this tool. We often recommend doing both individual therapy and couples counseling conjointly. If that is not feasible then doing some in depth individual therapy followed up by couples counseling will likely give a more desirable outcome. To schedule an appointment for individual therapy click here.

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Take a proactive approach to get your relationship, marriage or self back on track.
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